Through my entire journey in various organisation I met many programmers who have extraordinary skills. I interact with them and find the common habits or way where they sharpen their skills and enrich their knowledge. …

Take a dump of the local database:

pg_dump -U postgres -h localhost mydb > db_28_07_2021.sql

Copy file from one server to another server remotely

scp <source> <destination>

scp <username>@<Public IP>:/home/ubuntu/dbbackup/db_28_07_2021.sql /home/local/mylocalsystem/

Restore the data in local database

sudo su postgres

psql database_name < /home/local/mylocalsystem/db_28_07_2021.sql

Restore the data in remore database

psql -h -U postgres -d database_name < /home/local/mylocalsystem/db_28_07_2021.sql

Currently I am working as a technical lead in one of the well-reputed organisations in India. When I was appointed as a Technical Lead, my roles and responsibilities increased drastically.

I was completely tired and felt I was the busiest person in the world. One day I thought about how…

Mandanka Rajan

Feats to Explore, learn, adapt and share the best ways to become more successful than what I am today

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